Size Guide

Size does matter when it comes to bracelets.  If the bracelet is too tight then it will be uncomfortable.  If the bracelet is too big, it can fall off your writs or slide too far up the arm.   In any of these cases the styling will not be correct.  Don’t know your size?  Measure tightly at the widest part of your wrist using a flexible measuring tape.  Once you know the actual size of your wrist then round up to nearest centimeter.  This will give you the approximate bracelet size.  Adding more length will allow the bracelet to hang lower towards your hand.  

*If you don’t have a tape measure, use a thin string, and mark it where it overlaps on your wrist.  Then lay the strip flat to measure up the mark using any ruler.   


Standard Bracelet Size 
Standards Measured Description
4 Extra Small (XXXXS) Fits (15 cm) Extra extra small
3 Extra Small (XXXS) Fits (16 cm) Extra small woman's 
2 Extra Small (XXS) Fits (17 cm) Small woman's wrist
Extra Small (XS) Fits (18 cm) Petite woman's wrist 
Small (S) Fits (19 cm) Average woman's wrist
Medium (M) Fits (20 cm) Above average woman's 
Large (L) Fits (21 cm) Large woman's wrist
Women's Clothing Size Chart 
 Size  XS S M L XL
US  0-2 2-4 4-6 6-8 8-10
Bust 32 34 36 38 40
Waist 25 27 29 31 33