Significance of Colors

Choosing your color... 
Black absorbs all colors in the visible spectrum... reflecting no color back to the eyes. This all absorbing color is associated with power, mystery, strength, authority and sophistication. By embracing the black depths of the ocean, you are in control of your power and evoke a sense of classy mystery. 
If the deep purple hues of the lively coral draw you in, then you are sensitive, compassionate and think about others before yourself. Your spirit is motivated by the fact that you, like the purple coral, draw in others... As they seek your lively guidance in understanding the deeper meanings behind their quarries. You are always seeking spiritual fulfillment while expanding awareness and connecting to a higher consciousness.
Red, the color of the life force pumping through our veins, fuels our energy and gives us strength and power.  Red is also associated with danger, intensity and love. If you or your mermaid locks shine red, you are known to be energetic, confident and courageous... You are intense and not afraid to show it.
Beaming bright just like the sun, yellow is the most noticeable of all colors by the eye. Yellow shines of happiness, optimism and creativity. Like a yellow angel fish, you are a positive adventurous spirit searching for novelty and self-fulfillment.
Growing from the bed of the ocean, green kelp represents nature, growth, harmony, freshness and fertility. These ever flowing and anchoring green fronds symbolize strong emotional correspondence with safety, renewal and restoration of depleted energy. It offers a sanctuary away from the stresses of modern living and rejuvenates you back to a sense of well being.
Blue, emanating from sky to sea, manifests depth and stability. Encompassing us to produce a calming feeling for the body and mind, blue evokes trust, loyalty, wisdom and truth. 
The purity of white, as its beams pierce through the ocean atmosphere, brings light and good being to the environment. White, associated with honesty, innocence, and perfection eludes the feeling of safety and positivity. 





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